Training Services:

What we offer:

  • PRIVATE IN-HOME SESSIONS:   In the comfort of your home and a schedule that works for you.  If your dog needs  some help with a specific behavioral issue or if you have a new puppy, dog or new rescue, we can help! 

    The first days home with your new puppy can be overwhelming.
    We can help you set up your home, and get a great start with your new dog or puppy.
    We can help with helping your new rescue, puppy, learn good manners.  House training, crate training.  Start off right away with building good habits right from the start.
    NEW PUPPY – We just LOVE  puppies!   We will provide you all you need to raise a happy, well-adjusted dog.    Puppy biting, chewing, jumping up, whining, housebreaking and more. 

  • LEARNING THE BASICS: -All dogs should learn:
    Recall – (Coming when called)
    Sit, Down, Stay
    Leave it and Drop it
    Loose leash Walking
    Watch and Touch (used for redirecting your dog)
    Learn impulse control
    Behaviors like chewing, digging, barking, housebreaking,  jumping up on people, pulling on the leash, and bolting out the door. Anything that you don’t like your dog doing, We will work with you to help solve the problem behavior.Is your dog Rowdy?  We can help you get a Polite Puppy or dog
    Jumping up on people
    pulling on the leash
    excessive barking
    not listening
    Chewing and destructive behaviors
    Help and  advice on common puppy problems:   Chewing, nipping, house training, crate training, feeding and getting your puppy started on some basic obedience training.
    What kind of puppy or dog will fit your family’s style?  I will assist you in helping to decide the breed and age that would be the best fit for your family.
  • PUPPY SOCIALIZATION:   Puppies of all ages need to be socialized.  You only have one chance at socializing a puppy and the time is now!  Don’t overlook the most critical stage of your puppy’s life which is the first 16 weeks.    Help your puppy to become a well balance dog with proper puppy socialization.
  • DAY BOARD AND TRAIN:  Training sessions  for your dog’s own specific needs;  training sessions throughout the day, daily walks and mental stimulation.  Training information session passed on to owners at the end of the day.
  • TRICK TRAINING: Teach your dog some great tricks.
    Here a just a few:
  • Shake a Paw
  • Spin
  • Peek-A-Boo
  • Bow
  • Roll over
  • Play Shy
  • Flip a treat off dogs nose
  • Play Dead
  • Say your Prayers
    Lots of fun for both you and your dog.  Great for mental stimulation.
    Amaze your friends.

Remember that consistency, patience, practice and motivation are critical factors when training your dog or puppy.  Having a dog is a lifetime commitment and training will always be an ongoing process.
More effort may be needed for some dogs more than others, depending on temperament, breed, health, age and personality.

Having a well behaved dog will bring happiness and a longtime bond which is very rewarding and well worth the effort.

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